I Have Flaps Where There Were No Flaps Before

Posted by Lindsey Costard on Friday, March 1, 2013.

So many people say that gaining weight in pregnancy is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. There is a lot of anxiety and pressure around not gaining too much weight and then losing all the weight (a la every single celebrity) in an ungodly amount of time.

I wasn't AS concerned... truthfully I wanted to milk the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted, be served first, and act-a-pig without judgment. I think I wasn't worried though because, for some miraculous reason, I was gaining weight slowly. Until the last 2 months. Then I doubled what I had gained in the first 7 months. Ack! In total I gained about 50 lbs. Imagine 25 lbs in 2 months!

The hardest part is that I am an ex-fatty. I have spent so much of my adult life making sure the scale was going down... watching it go up and up and up is kind of a mind-f@#!

But, I also wasn't too worried because I was certain that after the baby was born, and I started breastfeeding, the pounds would just melt off! *Repeat in a magicianly-like manner* They would just melt off!

Blink blink. Why aren't they melting off??

Aww crap.

So as UNconcerned as I was about putting weight on, the hardest reality to face is the after baby weight that sticks around. My body has completely MORPHED into this weird blobby mass. My widened hips that seemed so charming during pregnancy are now just big ol' hips that don't fit into my pants and my new pregnancy breasts that were such a pleasant surprise at first have now grown two bra sizes and look more 'African Village' than 'Victoria Secret'.

All this body changed turned into a lot of whining, complaining, and staring in the mirror while lifting fatty parts of my body up (that were not there pre-pregnancy) and letting them flap down, obviously making a bad situation much worse.  Enough was enough! I decided to go back to the gym.

I started out with a once week "Baby and Me" class, where I could do a super low-impact workout but bring my baby into the class with me so she could cry and whine and nobody could complain and ask for a refund. It was a good start to get me moving again and to get my joints oiled up because they were feeling super super tight, especially my knees.

After a few weeks of that, however, I started to get bored and, truthfully, just wanted more. So I dragged my butt back to the company I used to work for, GoodLife. Let me tell you, GoodLife is a way better experience as a member than an employee. Not that it's bad as an employee, but I was grateful to be able to walk into the club and not worry about how my numbers were and how many more days until the end of the month and do I need to start harassing my family and friends for their banking information?

The other great thing is that this club has Child Minding, so I can bring Stella with me while I work out! No excuses!

So I'm on my way to a new (old) bod and I'm doing it the tried and true way. Diet and exercise. And not raspberry pills. (Anyone on my FB knows that it was recently hacked and sending out hundreds of random messages telling people I lost 15 lbs because I started taking some raspberry pill crap).

After about one week and the gym, I'm already feeling great except I can barely walk up or down the stairs, or sit on the couch, or move, or breathe. But that's how I know I did a good workout ;-)

Here's to me losing the last 20lbs!

5 Responses to I Have Flaps Where There Were No Flaps Before

  1. Danielle

    You're amazing! You can do it!

  2. Paula Amorim

    Good luck girl! I´ve already lost 17,5 lbs, but I´m still half way to what I want (need)... Unlike you, I had gained many pounds trying to get pregnant. The past couple of weeks I´ve left the diet aside and now I´m trying to get back to it! Sooo hard! Damned cookies!

  3. Brittany Pontes

    I was going to ask you about those raspberry pills lol

  4. Lindsey Costard

    Paula, good for you!!! That's really good... I'm about the same... but the second half is going much slower than the first haha... probably because the first was mostly just the actual baby and placenta.
    Damn cookiesssss! haha beijos
    Brit, yeah, that was crazy! The raspberry pills took over for a couple of days...
    Danielle, I love you.

  5. Elis

    OK, I'm totally procrastinating by reading your blog instead of working! So here's my two cents. Don't be hard on yourself, and don't listen to others (especially Brazilians and the media). If you keep up the breastfeeding, the weight WILL just melt off...it just takes time. (You know the cliché, right? It takes 9 months to put it on, so it takes 9 months for it to come off.) A year is about right in my experience - and I too gained a good 50lbs (more, I think....maybe almost 60) - and I look at pictures of myself when my daughter was a year or 18 months and am amazed at how skinny - seriously, scarily skinny - I was at that point....the first year is tiring (as you already know) and nursing uses up a LOT of calories. OK, back to work. Keep up the blog - it's great to be able to look back and remember what you were thinking and feeling and doing years later, when the beginning becomes a bit of a blur.

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